Our Programs

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Your child deserves the right to put their best foot forward and shine!

Every program and course offered under B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc. has been strategically created to build your child's character & talent as well as increase their educational and career opportunities. We understand that children who receive in-depth, valuable and consistent training have a better chance of securing a brighter future for themselves.

We offer three individual programs as a part of our comprehensive training. The three programs-- Broadcast Journalism Film Appreciation and Television Production are designed to offer our participants an opportunity to enrich their media awareness. Participants will be exposed to the social, technological, and educational aspects of the media industry as they interactively explore topics and techniques.



Broadcast Journalism, TV & Film Production 

Sound Engineering and Studio Sound Production

Our Sound Engineering and Audio Technology program provides your child with the opportunity to increase their awareness and appreciation of sound production and the use of high-tech equipment to produce audio broadcasts & recordings. Your child will engage in studio sessions with award-winning industry professionals where they will participate in hands-on learning.



Visual Arts & Photography

Our Fine Arts program offers each participant the chance to exhibit their self-awareness and interpret their surroundings on canvas. Your young artist can hone in on their natural skills or develop their talent with the guidance of instructors with experience and a fortitude for art. Additionally, participants will learn how to use art for educational, recreational and therapeutic purposes to further increase their skill set.


Dance and Music

Our Dance program will teach participants movement techniques in tap, jazz, ballet and modern genres. Dance will be taught for recreational, rehabilitative and educational purposes. Our courses are not just designed for flexibility and fun. They are designed to give children an outlet for expression, to build confidence, to introduce dance as art and to explore the career options available for trained and educated dancers.