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Our programs are free because every child deserves the same opportunity.


It is our mission to give underprivileged and underserved youth the opportunity to access programs, resources and experts that will improve their future. Our programs do not sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. We provide award-winning instructors, professional equipment, materials and a safe environment for your child. Your child will be respected and educated by an organization led by people who genuinely care.

B-Roll Media & Arts Inc. (B-Roll), is a Maryland state-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We were established to provide free-of-cost media & arts training and education to underserved youth ages 13 through 21, as well as to youth with learning disabilities or Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs).  Participants in our program receive qualified, comprehensive and applied experience with film, television, audio engineering, art and music from in-house and at-large staff members. 


Our Results
Since B-Roll’s inception in 2012 we have trained more than 250 students.  One hundred percent of the youth we have identified as potential beneficiaries and who have enrolled in the program have finished successfully.  More than 10 percent go on to higher education or further studies in the arts and media field.  Seven percent of those who complete the training get jobs or internships based on the B-Roll work they have produced.

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WHAT we believe...

We believe that traditional education is not designed to accommodate non-traditional learners. We believe there is a need to flip the script on education, building a student-centered plan for learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) media and arts programs. 
We believe that we can redirect the lives of young people who struggle to succeed with traditional education, focusing on positive activities that lead to a stable and economically secure future.