Sound Engineering & Studio Sound Production

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Every program and course offered under B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc. has been strategically created to build your child's character & talent as well as increase their educational and career opportunities. We understand that children who receive in-depth, valuable and consistent training have a better chance of securing a brighter future for themselves.


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Our Sound Engineering and Audio Technology program provides your child with the opportunity to increase their awareness and appreciation of sound production and the use of high-tech equipment to produce audio broadcasts & recordings. Your child will engage in studio sessions with award-winning industry professionals where they will participate in hands-on learning.


Our instructors will provide an accurate, modern and relevant curriculum that prepares your child for advanced learning and career potential. The courses start at the introductory level and continue through more proficient instruction. All courses are provided free of charge and all materials are furnished by our organization upon successful enrollment.

Sound Engineering & Studio Sound Production