Our Leaders

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Robert Jackson

Founder/ Executive Director


B-Roll was founded in 2012 by Robert Jackson, a media art professional, who experienced the struggles and humiliation of going through school with an undiagnosed learning disability --Dyslexia. He found solace and direction in media arts which gave him confidence, built his self-esteem and put him on the path to a successful career in media & broadcasting. In creating B- Roll, Jackson sought to use his knowledge and life experience to provide positive educational experiences for young people just like him.

Jackson has more than 30 years of industry experience in radio, television and film production.
He has provided his expertise and technical assistance to notable companies such as Black
Entertainment Television, NPR, CNN News, National Geographic, and NBC’s Today Show,
Meet the Press, Nightly News, and The Chris Matthews Show. Additionally, Robert holds a
leadership position with Scorpio Sound Systems, his company which specializes in TV, radio
and film production and A/V installation. 

As the leader of B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., Robert is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth and those who are mentally or physically disabled and exposing them to the opportunities and recreational outlets of media and fine arts.

Ivan Burketh

Director of Technology


Ivan Burketh has over 30 years of design, implementation, operation and education for radio and television broadcasting, live sound, studio recording and video. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Akron and serves as the CEO/CTO at Burketh Enterprises, LLC. As the Director of Technology for B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., Ivan will provide years of industry knowledge and a keen sense of technical  aptitude to ensure that the children enrolled in the programs have access to every tool and resource available to them to assist in reaching their goals.

Elizabeth McGraw-Austin

Director of Education & Development


Elizabeth McGraw-Austin is a video production professional and educator. She started her career as a video editor at C-SPAN, and has worked as a staff and freelance producer for educational, governmental and non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. While working in the National Geographic Television film library and then for a national association, Elizabeth earned a Master’s in Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University. This opened the door to opportunities in teaching, and Elizabeth has taught production and editing at schools including the Corcoran College of Art and Design and Towson University, and for non-profits like B-Roll Media and Arts. Additionally, Elizabeth enjoys working on independent films for the festival circuit, and edited the short films “One Man’s Home is a Castle,” (a Rosebud Award nominee) and “Mole in the Ground,” which screened at venues in New York City. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and son, and enjoys making music, being near the water, biking and farm-to-table food.

Jonathan Gruber

Director of Creative Strategies


Jonathan Gruber has an extensive background in producing, directing, and writing award-winning documentary films, commercials, broadcast news features, PSAs, interactive multimedia, and promotional and educational videos for diverse clients including National Geographic, The History


Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN, DreamWorks, Travel Channel, GAP, Oracle, Cisco, The World Bank, NYMEX, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Operation Lifesaver, the Biometrics Task Force and the FBI. Jonathan is committed to building bridges between the community, professionals and the children to develop creative and dynamic opportunities to interact, engage and grow from the programs our organization offers.

Cindy Vernasco



Cindy Vernasco is President and Founder of Roxie's Fund with experience dealing with all breeds of dogs and proper temperament testing. She sits on the intake committee, where entering dogs are evaluated and tested for adaptability and required training. Before placement, Ms. Vernasco has extensive experience in the Non-Profit Sector networking with many Non-Profit organizations from various avenues.She maintains  budgets and balance sheets for various Non-Profits including B-Roll Media & Arts Inc. Ms. Vemasco spearheads the spay/neuter program from Roxie' Fund working, within an established long-term relationship with Kenhaven Animal Hospital. 

Dr. Wendy Jackson

Medical Advisor


Wendy Jackson is a Pediatrician with almost 40 years of combined education and career experience. She has provided medical expertise to children and families within the US and in Jamaica. Throughout the course of her career, Wendy has served as the Assistant Director of a children’s health center and within the Pediatric department of a hospital, has operated multiple private practices, been a professor and has been an appointed faculty member at the George Washington University School of Medicine. Wendy has taken pride in providing optimal health care services, consultation and education to children, their parents and the community. She will serve as an advisor to the Executive Board of B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., with a goal of providing critical and educated information about the mental and physical needs of the youthful participants in regards to their health and well-being.

Shannon Baylor-Henderson

Director of Business Strategies


Shannon Baylor-Henderson is the owner of ImShannon.com, where she provides business and career coaching as well as ghost-writing services. As a woman who makes it her business to help others succeed in their professional journeys, Shannon’s smart and actionable strategies have helped to launch businesses for 80% of her entrepreneurial clients and land better careers and salaries for 96% of her professional development clients. Shannon has provided her services within multiple industries including retail, non-profit, religious groups, service providers, education, media and the performing arts by providing direct insight on how to transition and reposition their businesses. Her consultative approach empowers entrepreneurs & creates corporate leaders who make social and business impacts. Shannon will serve as the Director of Business Administration for B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., where her primary goal is to ensure that all internal business dealings are aligned with meeting the organization’s vision and mission.

Greg Hartman


Director of Education & Business Development


Greg Hartman’s 23-year career serving the music, radio, television, film and education industries has been built on a reputation for excellence. Greg Hartman currently serves as an educator and small business advisor. As a guest lecturer, workshop facilitator and adjunct professor with the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, Greg teaches the art and science of audio engineering. His comprehensive classes introduce the physics of sound wave propagation, professional sound system design, operation and applications, and industry standard practices and terminology. Additionally, Mr. Hartman places a special emphasis on garnering the life skills required to build a career in the highly competitive world of audio production. His current company, Insightful Dialogue Coaching, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to enhance their strengths and to mitigate their challenges in order to create bright futures for themselves, their families and their employees.

Glenn Garnes

Director of Legal Affairs & Strategic Planning


Glenn Garnes is the founder of Village Connector Media, a privately owned media company that produces Internet television, Internet radio and an online newspaper.  Glenn has devoted his entire business career to supporting small locally owned businesses, first as a successful trial attorney, and now as a small business marketing strategist.  Glenn has always had a keen interest in technology and today creates ways to use the Internet to promote growth and prosperity in local communities.

Glenn has become a recognized Internet marketing expert with special emphasis on social media marketing.  He was an early student of the Internet having studied and/or participated in virtually every Internet marketing trend since its public inception.  Glenn is a visionary and creator when it comes to Internet marketing.

Glenn is a regular speaker for chambers of commerce, business organizations, and professional groups on topics relating to relationship and Internet marketing, collaboration and business networking. Glenn has also been a guest on both traditional and Internet radio shows relating to his expertise on these topics.