Fine Arts: Dance & Music

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Every program and course offered under B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc. has been strategically created to build your child's character & talent as well as increase their educational and career opportunities. We understand that children who receive in-depth, valuable and consistent training have a better chance of securing a brighter future for themselves.


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Our Dance program will teach participants movement techniques in tap, jazz, ballet and modern genres. Dance will be taught for recreational, rehabilitative and educational purposes. Our courses are not just designed for flexibility and fun. They are designed to give children an outlet for expression, to build confidence, to introduce dance as art and to explore the career options available for trained and educated dancers.


Additionally, participants will gain more insight on how to use their appreciation and talent in dance for therapeutic purposes. Participants are not required to have prior training or introduction to these classes and most materials will be provided free of cost.

Fine Arts: Dance & Music