Every child has a bright future. It's up to us to provide the path.

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OUR MISSION to serve the youth:

Identify and recruit youth from area schools, recreational and rehabilitation programs and churches who will benefit from the B-Roll program;
•    Ensure that each participant is fully engaged in the instruction and promotion of media and performing arts;
•    Support each young person in the program with relevant programs, technology, mentors and the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and confidence;
•    Hire and manage staff who understand the needs of B-Roll participants and have the capacity to engage them, develop relationships with community leaders, and be in-tune to the issues impacting young people today; and,
•    Establish the B-Roll as a credible resource for supporting youth in local communities.

B-Roll serves under-resourced youth ages 13 through 21 and youth with diagnosed learning disabilities. Fifty percent of our students fall into both categories. The majority of B-Roll students (75%) are African American. Sixty percent are male and 40% are female. Three-fourths of our participants are under the age of 18 and an estimated 10% identify as LGBT.

Participants will be trained and exposed to the fine arts consisting of dance and visual art to serve as rehabilitative and empowering activity. Upon completion of the programs and services offered by B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., participants will be equipped with the requisite knowledge to enter into the media arts workforce and further exhibit their newfound skills.


It is the overall goal of the organization to provide youth with a positive recreational and educational experience while they are actively enrolled in the programs that B-Roll Media & Arts Inc. offer. The organization expects to enhance the quality of life for its participants through personalized engagement in activities, leadership development, as well as mentoring and internship opportunities. Therefore, the organization is dedicated to establishing a direct relationship with adolescent members of various Maryland communities to assist them with making substantial impacts in the community.

Adolescents deserve to receive every opportunity to increase their knowledge, express their talents and positively impact their communities and society in general. Oftentimes, programs that intend to meet those demands fall short in some aspect, whether it’s due to the lack of qualified personnel, inaccessibility, or negligence in adhering to an established mission. Nonetheless, it is the youth that is greatly impacted by the disservice. B-Roll Media & Arts plans to rectify and prevent situations where the youth is not able to learn and grow. One of the general goals of the organization is to assist the youth in becoming constructive contributors to society.