Broadcast Journalism, TV & Film Producation

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Every program and course offered under B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc. has been strategically created to build your child's character & talent as well as increase their educational and career opportunities. We understand that children who receive in-depth, valuable and consistent training have a better chance of securing a brighter future for themselves.


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We offer three individual programs as a part of our comprehensive training. The three programs-- Broadcast Journalism Film Appreciation and Television Production are designed to offer our participants an opportunity to enrich their media awareness. Participants will be exposed to the social, technological, and educational aspects of the media industry as they interactively explore topics and techniques.


Your child will develop his or her talent for analyzing information, writing and editing broadcast programs, producing and directing media programs, performing "behind-the-scenes" technological tasks including audio & visual development and more. Each program is offered separately. However, your child can enroll in the Media Studies Program to experience all of the courses offered under the three separate programs. All required materials are furnished for each participant free of cost.

Broadcast Journalism, TV & Film Production